Crossey's from Glenavy

For anybody that is searching for family links in the Rest of Co. Antrim area. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Crossey's from Glenavy

Post by ciaranc »

Hi folks,
I'm tracking this family/families.
Me - my father Edward (1930-74), his father James (c1873-1932), his father Edward (c1815-1887) married Mary Ann DONNELLY.
James had several siblings,Patrick (1862-1937), John (1864-1929), Joe (1868-1948), Ann (1871),Jane (1876-1937), Margaret (Xmas Day 1878 - 1956). Of this batch the only ones to marry were Ann (m John Armstrong) and Jane (m Wm Hickland).

There was also a half brother William (c1848 - Before 1911) m Hannah Bell.
Seperate from that line of Crosseys, there is another line, which seems to be living in the same area, no obvious connection at all.
William John (1814-79) m Esther Bryan (1831 - ??)
They had
Henry (c1839), John (1841), Michael (1845) Arthur(1849), James (1852), Jane (1854), Joseph (1856), Patrick (1861), Wm (1863), Samuel (1869), and possibly 4 other sons.

A lot of these children had their own families, and I can track down generations thru Arthur, Michael, John and Jane at least.

The bottom line, can anyone provide info on either of these Crossey families, and especially can anyone make the connection between Edward (1815-87) and William John.


It's hard to belive that there are 2 seperate lines of the one, rare enough surname, living in the one parish district without a direct link, but I'm sure stranger things happen.

Ciaran Crossey
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