County Down Directory 1862

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County Down Directory 1862

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County Down Directory 1862

From Thom's Irish Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

DOWN, a maritime county in Ulster province. Boundaries: N., Antrim and Carrickfergus Bay; E. and S., the Irish Sea; W., Armagh. Greatest length, N.E. and S.W., 51 miles; greatest breadth, N.W. and S.E., 38 miles; comprising an area of 967 square miles, or 612,495 acres, of which 514,180 are arable, 78,317 uncultivated, 14,355 in plantations, 2,211 in towns, and 3,432 under water. On the coast are, Carrickfergus Bay, Strangford Lough or Lough Cone, Killough, Dundrum, and Carlingford Bays; and at a short distance from it are the Copeland Islands, on the lesser of which is a Lighthouse showing a fixed light; there are also four others, viz,: at Hawlbowling Rock, off Carlingford Bay, showing a fixed light; on the South Rock, off the Ardes, with a light revolving every 1 › minutes; at Ardglass Harbour; and one revolving light at St. John's Point. The surface is hilly, rising into mountains in the south; the highest, Slieve-Donard, being 2,809 feet above high sea level. The river Lagan skirts the county on the N., and the Bann on the W. The subsoil is clay-slate, and some limestone, with granite in the S. The soil is of medium quality; the chief crops, potatoes, barley, oats, and flax. Linen is the staple manufacture. The population in 1841 amounted to 361,446; of which 323,807 were in the rural, and 37,639 in the civic district, and in 1861 the total population of the county was 299,866.

The county is divided into 11 baronies -- Ards Lower and Upper, Castlereagh Lower and Upper, Dufferin, Iveagh Lower and Upper, Kinelearty, Lecale, Mourne, and Newry Lordship, and contains 70 parishes, &c. It is in the dioceses of Down and Dromore, with a small portion in that of Connor. The principal towns are, Downpatrick, population in 1861, 3,685; Newtownards, 9,521; Banbridge, 4,032; Donaghadee, 2,664; Bangor, 2,525; Rathfriland, 1,916; Portaferry, 1,959; Newry, 9,616, part of which is in Armagh county, 11,426; Comber, 1,709; Dromore, 2,526; Gilford, 2,884; Holywood, 2,422; and Warrenspoint, 1,639. The county returns 4 members to Parliament; 2 for the county at large, constituency in 1859, 11,367; 1 for Downpatrick, constituency, 199; and 1 for Newry, constituency, 529. The Assizes are held at Downpatrick. The county is within the military district of Belfast.

The net annual value of property rated to the poor in the county is £637,989; and net the amount of property valued under the Tenement Valuation Act is £455,697.

Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum.
The Most Hon. the Marquess of LONDONDERRY, K.ST.P., P.C. LL.D. (Cantab.), (1845), Colonel of the Royal North Down Rifles, Mountstewart, Newtownards; 37, Grosvenor-square, London, W.

High Sheriff (1861-62).
ALEXANDER JOHN ROBERT STEWART, esq., Ards, Cashelmore; Lawrencetown House, Banbridge; 13, Belgrave-square, London, S.W.; Carlton, National, and White's Clubs, London, S.W.

Members of Parliament for the County.
Lord ARTHUR EDWIN HILL (1845), Hillsborough Castle, Hillsborough; Carlton Club, and 24, Belgrave-square, London, S.W.
Lieut.-Col. WILLIAM BROWNLOW FORDE, (1857), Seaforde, Clough; Carlton Club, London, S.W.

Deputy Lieutenants.
Annesley, Right Hon. the Earl, The Castle, Castlewellan, co. Down; 25, Norfolk-street, Park-lane, London, W.
Bailie, James, Ringdufferin, Killyleagh
Bangor, Right Hon. the Viscount, Castleward, Strangford; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Bateson, Sir Robert, bart., Belvoir Park, Belfast; Carlton Club, London, S.W. ÔÇí
Batt, Robert, B.A. (T.C.D.), Purdysburn, Belfast *ÔÇí
Browne, Major Peter Rutledge Montague, Janeville, Killough
Cleland, John, Stormount Castle, Dundonald.
Coates, James, Eastwood, Kilkeel; Hibernian United Service Club, Dublin
Corry, Isaac, Abbey-yard, Newry
Crommelin, Samuel Arthur Hill Delachcrois, Carrowdore Castle, Donaghadee *
Douglass, Charles, Gracehall, Lurgan
Dufferin and Clandeboye, Right Hon. Lord, Clandeboye, Holywood; Dufferin Lodge, Highgate, Middlesex; Travellers' Club, London, S.W.
Forde, Lieut.-Col. Wm. Brownlow, M.P., Seaforde, Clough; Carlton and Junior United Service Clubs, London, S.W. *ÔÇá
Gordon, Robert, Florida Manor, Killinchy; Carlton Club, London, S.W. *ÔÇí
Hall, Roger, Narrow-water Castle, Warrenpoint *
Johnson, Sir William Gillilan, M.A. (T.C.D.), Duncairn House, Belfast
Ker, David Stewart, B.A. (Oxon), M.P., Montalto, Ballynahinch; Carlton Club, London, S.W. ÔÇá
Maxwell, John Waring, Finnebrogue, Downpatrick
Maxwell, Robert Perceval, B.A. (Oxon), Groomsport, Donaghadee; Moore Hill, Tallow, co. Waterford; Sackville-st. Club, Dublin; Union Club, London, S.W. *
Meade, John, Burrenwood, Castlewellan
Montgomery, Arthur Hill, Tyrella House, Clough ÔÇá
Montgomery, Hugh, Rosemount, Grey Abbey; Carlton Club, London, S.W. *
Mulholland, Andrew, Springvale, Ballywalter *
Nugent, Major Andrew, Castleward, Strangford; United Service Club, London, S.W. ÔÇá
Reilly, John Temple, Scarvagh House, Scarvagh *
Roden, Right Hon. the Earl of, K.ST.P., P.C., Tollymore Park, Castlewellan; Hyde Hall, Sawbridgeworth, Herts
Stewart, Alexander John Robert, Ards, Cashelmore; Lawrencetown House, Banbridge; 13, Belgrave-sq., London, S.W.; Carlton, National, and White's Clubs, London, S.W.
Ward, Robert Edward, Bangor Castle, Bangor, co. Down; Travellers' Club, London, S.W. *

Chairman of Quarter Sessions.
THEOPHILUS JONES, esq. (1829), 18, Harcourt-street, Dublin.

Alexander, George, Lessane Cottage, Saintfield
Allen, John Reed, Mountpanther, Clough *
Allen, Wm. J. C., Belfast
Andrews, John., Comber *
Annesley, Right Hon. the Earl, D.L., The Castle, Castlewellan, co. Down; 25, Norfolk-street, Park-lane, London, W.
Bailie, James, D.L., Ringdufferin, Killyleagh
Bangor, Right Hon. the Viscount, M.A. (Cantab.), D.L., Castleward, Strangford; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Barron, Wm. Newell, Chairman of Quarter Sessions, co. Wexford, Kinghill House, Rathfriland; 35, Fitzwilliam-square, Dublin; Stephen's-green, Dublin
Bateson, Sir Robert, bart., D.L., Belvoir Park, Belfast; Carlton Club, London, S.W. ÔÇí
Bateson, Thomas, Belvoir Park, Belfast
Batt, Robert, B.A. (T.C.D.), D.L., Purdysburn, Belfast *ÔÇí
Beauclerk, Aubrey De Vere, Ardglass Castle, Ardglass
Beers, Francis Charles, Ballyward *
Binney, Rev. Richard, D.C.L., Bangor
Black, William, Newry
Bowen, Geo. Edward, Lawrencetown House, Banbridge
Bradshaw, Hercules, Culcavey Cottage, Hillsborough
Bradshaw, Rev. Joseph, B.A. (T.C.D.), Milecross, Newtownards
Brady, Denis Caulfield, Newry
Browne, Major Peter Rutledge Montague, D.L., Janeville, Killough
Brush, George, Dromore
Burrowes, Waldron, Lagan Lodge, Dromore, and 7, Sandycove-terrace, Kingstown, co. Dublin
Charley, William, Belfast; Seymour Hill, Dunmurry, co. Antrim
Cleland, James, Rubane, Kircubbin
Cleland, John, D.L. , Stormount Castle, Dundonald
Coates, James, D.L., Eastwood, Kilkeel; Hibernian United Service Club, Dublin
Coates, William, Glentorum, Ballymacarrett
Corry, Isaac, D.L., Abbey-yard, Newry
Cosby, William, Hillsborough
Coulson, Robert, R.M., Omagh
Cowan, Andrew, B.A. (T.C.D.), Lodge House, Cliftonville, Belfast
Crawford, James Sharman, Redemon, Crossgar
Crawford, Maj. John Sharman, Crawfordsburn, Belfast *ÔÇí
Crawford, Thomas, Ballydown, Banbridge
Crommelin, Nicholas Delacherois, Carrowdore Castle, Donaghadee *
Crommelin, Samuel Arthur Hill Delacherois, D.L., Carrowdore Castle, Donaghadee *
Delacherois, Daniel, B.A. (T.C.D.), Manor House, Donaghadee
Delacherois, Nicholas, Ballywilliam, Donaghadee
De Ros, Lieut.-General the Right Hon. Lord, P.C., Deputy Lieutenant of the Tower of London, Old Court, Strangford; 36, Curzon-street, Mayfair, London, W.; United Service Club, London, S.W.
Despard, Philip Henry, Killough ÔÇá
Dolling, Robert Holbeche, B.A. (Cantab.), Manor House, Kilrea, co. Derry; Sackville-street Club, Dublin
Donegal, Most Hon. the Marquess of, K.P., G.C.H., Ormeau, Belfast; Harefield-place, Uxbridge, Middlesex; 22, Grosvenor-square, London, W.
Douglass, Charles, D.L., Gracehall, Lurgan
Douie, James Levingstone, Moira
Downshire, Colonel the Most Hon. the Marquess of, K.P., Hillsborough; Easthampstead Park, Wokingham, Berks; 24, Belgrave-square, London, S.W. ÔÇí
Dufferin and Clandeboye, Right Hon. Lord, D.L., Clandeboye, Belfast; Dufferin Lodge, Highgate, Middlesex; Travellers' Club, London, S.W.
Dunbar, George, Woburn, Donaghadee; 13, Charles-street, St. James's, London, S.W.; Carlton and Oxford and Cambridge Clubs, London, S.W.
Dungannon, Right Hon. the Viscount, M.A. (Oxon), Brynkynalt, North Wales; Castle Chirk, Denbighshire; 3, Grafton-street, London, W.; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Dunville, William, Richmond Lodge, Belfast ÔÇí
Echlin, Rev. John Robert, M.A. (T.C.D.), Bronington Parsonage, Whitchurch, Salop
Fenton, Samuel Greame, College-square, Belfast
Filgate, Fitzherbert, Hillsborough
Forde, Lieut.-Col. Wm. Brownlow, D.L., M.P., Seaforde, Clough; Carlton and Junior United Service Clubs, London, S.W. *ÔÇí
Fulton, John Williamson, M.A. (Cantab.), Braidujle, Lisburn; Ulster Club, Belfast; Oxford and Cambridge Club, London, S.W.
Glenny, William Boyle, Ballinahinch
Gordon, Rev. James C., Delamont, Downpatrick ÔÇá
Gordon, Robert Francis, Hollymount, Downpatrick
Gordon, Robert, D.L., Florida Manor, Killinchy; Carlton Club, London, S.W. *ÔÇí
Gordon, Robert, Highlands, Seaforde
Gordon, Robert Alexander, Summerfield, Dundonald
Gormanston, Right Hon. Viscount, Gormanston Castle, Balbriggan *
Gracey, Thomas, Ballyhossett, Ardglass
Greer, James, Corbally, Ardglass
Greer, William, Portaferry
Gregg, Thomas, Ballymenock, Belfast
Gregg, William, Lisburn
Grimshaw, Robert L., Belfast
Haliday, Alexander Henry, Carnmoney, co. Antrim
Hall, Major Samuel Madden, Moygannon, Warrenpoint
Hall, Roger, D.L., Narrow-water Castle, Warrenpoint *
Hamilton, Charles Thomas, Tamnaharry, Warrenpoint
Hancock, John, Lurgan
Harrison, Henry, Holywood
Hastings, John, Downpatrick
Hayes, Richard, Millmount, Banbridge
Henry, Thos. Gibson, Newry, and Mourne Abbey, Kilkeel
Heron, Denis Caulfeild, Q.C., LL.D., 7, Upper Fitzwilliam-street, Dublin
Heron, Robert, Ardigon, Killyleagh *ÔÇá
Higginson, Henry Theophilus, M.A. (T.C.D.), Registrar of the Diocese of Down and Connor, Carnalea House, Crawfordsburn; Ulster Club, Belfast
Hill, Lord Edwin, M.P., Hillsborough Castle, Hillsborough; Norwood Park, Southwell, Notts; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Houston, John Blakiston, Orangefield, Newtownbreda; Junior United Service Club, London, S.W. *
Innes, Arthur C., Dromantine, Newry
Irvine, Hill, Dromalane, Newry
Jocelyn, Hon. John, Bryansford
Johnson, Sir William Gillilan, M.A. (T.C.D.), D.L., Duncairn House, Belfast
Johnston, Hamilton Trail, Hollypark, Killinchy; Ulster Club, Belfast
Johnston, Rev. George Henry M'Dowell, M.A. (T.C.D.), Ballywillwill, Castlewellan
Kennedy, Henry, Cultra, Holywood
Keogh, Lt.-Col. John Henry, Carlow Militia (Res. Mag.), Dundrum. Clough; United Service Club, Dublin
Keown, John, Rosetta, Downpatrick
Keown, William, Ballydugan House, Downpatrick *ÔÇá
Ker, David Stewart, B A. (Oxon.), M.P., D.L., Montalto, Ballynahinch; Carlton Club, London, S.W. ÔÇá
Kilmorey, Right Hon the Earl of, Mourne Park, Kilkeel; 7, Grosvenor-place, London, S.W.
Leslie, Edmund Francis, B.A. (T.C.D.), Donaghadee; Union Club, London, S.W.
Lowry, Thomas Kennedy, LL.D., Q.C., Ballytrim House, and 8, North Frederick-street, Dublin
Lurgan, Right Hon. Lord, Brownlow House, Lurgan
Lyle, Godfrey Octavius, Bangor
Lynch, David, Judge of Court of Bankruptcy and Insolvency, 35, Rutland-square, Dublin
Lyons, William Thomas Bristow, B.A. (T.C.D.), Oakpark, Belfast
M'Clenehan, James Martin, Rathfriland
M'Clure, Thomas, Belmont, Belfast ÔÇí
M'Leroth, Thomas, Killynether House, Newtownards
M'Master, John Walsh, Dunbarton House, Gilford
M'Minn, Alexander, Herdstown, Donaghadee
Magenis, Roger, Ballely, Dromore
Maguire, Denis, Newry
Maxwell, Jno. Waring, D. L., Finnebrogue, Downpatrick ÔÇá
Maxwell, Robert Perceval, B.A. (Oxon), D.L., Groomsport, Donaghadee; Moore Hill, Tallow, co. Waterford; Sackville-st. Club, Dublin; Union Club, London, S.W. *
Miller, Henry Rowan, Portaferry
Moore, John Shannon, Shannon Grove, Lisnacree, Newry
Montgomery, Arthur Hill, D.L., Tyrella House, Clough ÔÇá
Montgomery, Lieut.-Colonel Francis, Newtownards
Montgomery, Hugh, D.L., Rosemount, Greyabbey; Carlton Club, London, S.W. *
Montgomery, Rev. Thos. Hassard, Ballykeel, Dromore
Mulholland, Andrew, D.L., Springvale, Ballywalter *
Mulholland, John, Craigavael, Holywood
Mulholland, St. Clair K., Eglantine House, Hillsborough
Murland, Samuel, Woodlawn, Castlewellan *
Nicholson, Rawdon H., Stramore House, Gilford
Nicholson, Robert, B.A. (T.C.D.), Balloo, Bangor
Nugent, Major Andrew, D.L., Castleward, Strangford; United Service Club, Dublin ÔÇá
Parsons, William, The Lodge, Seaforde, Clough
Pollard, George Augustus, Rostrevor
Posnett, George, Rose Lodge, Belfast
Potter, Robert, Ardview, Killinchy
Price, William Blackwood
Quinn, James, Dromore House, Dromore
Read, Arthur Hill, Donnybrook, Ballymackey
Reilly, John Temple, D.L., Scarvagh House, Scarvagh *
Richardson, Jonathan, M.P., Lisburn
Richardson, Jonathan Joseph, Lisburn; Reform Club, London, S.W.
Roberts, John
Robinson, James, Lisburn
Ross, David (of Bladensburg), Rostrevor; Oxford and Cambridge Club, London, S.W.
Ruxton, John Fitzherbert, Hilltown, Rathfriland
Shaw, George, Castlewellan
Skinner, Capt. Cortlandt George Macgregor, Newtownards; Junior United Service Club, London, S.W.
Stannus, Walter Trevor, Lisburn
Stewart, Alex. John Robert, D.L., Ards, Cashelmore; Lawrencetown House, Banbridge; 13, Belgrave-sq., London, S.W.; Carlton, National, and White's Clubs, London, S.W.
Stewart, Alexander, Ballyedmond, Rostrevor
Stone, Guy, Barnhill, Comber
Tennent, James Thomson, Belfast
Tennent, Robt. Jas. Rushpark, Belfast; Reform Club, London, S.W. ÔÇí
Tennent, Sir James Emerson, LL.D. (T.C.D.), Joint Sec. to the Board of Trade, Tempo Castle, Tempo; 66, Warwick-square, Pimlico, London, S.W.
Thellusson, Ernest, Isle of Man
Thompson, James Kennedy, Bracknagh Hall, Kilkeel
Thompson, Robert, Holywood House, Holywood
Thomson, John, Lowwood, Belfast
Trevor, Edward Hill, Lisnagade, Loughbrickland
Verner, Thomas, Belfast
Von Stieglitz, Fredk. Ludwig Baron, The Glen, Newry
Waddell, Robert, Magheralin
Walkington, Thomas, Oatland Cottage, Ballinderry
Ward, John Richard
Ward, Richard
Ward, Robert Edward, D.L., Bangor Castle, Bangor, co. Down; Travellers' Club, London, S.W. *
Waring, Major Henry, Newry; Waringstown House, Banbridge
Waring, Richard, Newry
Watson, William, Aghavilla Lodge, Warrenpoint
Waugh, William, Banbridge
White, John, Divernagh, Newry
Whyte, John Joseph, Loughbrickland

County Officers.
Clerk of the Crown, Clotworthy Macartney, esq. (1832), Downpatrick, and 39, Upper Gloucester-st., Dublin.
Deputy Clerk of the Crown, James Kennedy Jackson, esq., Belfast.
Clerk of the Peace, R. Craig Laurie, esq. (1831), Myra Castle, Downpatrick.
Deputy Clerk of the Peace, John A. Ward, esq., Downpatrick.
Crown Solicitor, Maxwell Hamilton, esq. (1830), 34, Westland-row, Dublin.
Sessional Crown Prosecutor, Joshua Michael Magee, esq. (1861), Newry.
Treas., A. H. Montgomery, esq. (1841), Tyrella, Clough.
Secretary to the Grand Jury, Robert Gordon, esq. (1835), Downpatrick, and Highlands, Seaforde.
Solicitor to Grand Jury, Jas. Murland, esq., Downpatrick.
County Surveyor, Henry Smyth, esq., C.E., Downpatrick
District Registrar, Court of Probate for Antrim and Down, John M. Higginson, esq., Belfast.
Sub-Sheriff, William M'Caw Nelson, esq., Downpatrick.
Sheriff's Returning Officer, Robert Lyle, esq., 62, Middle Abbey-street, Dublin.
Coroners, George Tyrrell, M.D., Banbridge; and John A. Ward, esq., Downpatrick.
Agents for Lloyds, Leonard Watson, esq., Warrenpoint, and William Russell, esq., Strangford.

Head Distributer at Downpatrick, C. Knox, esq.
Head Distributer at Newry, Andrew Jennings, esq.
Ballinahinch, W. J Bruce.
Banbridge, Samuel Woods.
Castlewellan, James Hanna.
Dromore, Hugh Stewart.
Hillsborough, Jn. Mulligan
Kilkeel, Samuel Floyd.
Killyleagh, H. S. Guiney.
Moira, Robert Millis.
Newtownards, Jas. Collins.
Rathfriland, J. M'Enerney.
Saintfield, John F. Lowry.
Waringstown, John New.

Ards, lower, James Boal, Newtownards.
Ards, upper, Thomas Gracy, Ballyward.
Castlereagh, lower, Peter Barry, Tullygirvan, Saintfield.
Castlereagh, upper, Robert Morrow, Legacurry Hills, Lisburn.
Dufferin, Alex. Martin, Killyleagh.
Upper Half Barony of Lower Iveagh, Daniel Monroe, Drumbane, Moira.
Lower Half Barony of Lower Iveagh, John Patterson, Backnamullagh, Dromore.
Upper Half Barony of Upper Iveagh, William Rowan, Moneyslane, Rathfriland.
Lower Half Barony of Upper Iveagh, William Rowan, Moneyslane, Rathfriland.
Kinalarty, Matthew Blackwood, Drumnakelly, Seaforde.
Upper Half Barony of Lecale, James Roney, Ballykindler, Clough.
Lower Half Barony of Lecale, Robert Cultra, Ballybranagh, Downpatrick.
Mourne, P. M'Kay, Drumcrow, Kilkeel.
Newry, James Sloan, Finards, Ardaragh.

Inspecting Officers, Comm. Henry Jas. Grant, R.N. (1861), Newcastle;
Lieutenant J. B. Hockley, R.N. (1855), Strangford;
Comm. Stephen F. Douglas, R.N. (1859), Donaghadee.
Ardglass, Rivoire Maingay, esq., late E.I.S.
Cranfield Point, Kilkeel, H. Wood, esq., R.N.
Donaghadee, William Wright, esq.
Killough, James E. Hamilton, esq. (1860).
Roddens, Ballywalter, Wm. Blissenden, esq. (1861).

County Inspector, Michael Bingham Kelly, esq., Hillsborough.
Sub-Inspectors' Stations:-
Banbridge, Henry Lindsay Owen, esq.
Ballynahinch, Arthur W. Stafford, esq.
Dowpatrick, Richard Singleton, esq.
Hillsborough, D. C. P. Ireland, esq.
Newcastle, Castlewellan, Fras. Wm. Christian Janns, esq.
Newtownards, Charles A. Carr, esq.
Rathfriland, Wm. Wray, esq.

Place where held, Day, and Name of Clerk.
Ardglass and Killough, third Wednesday; James B. M'Connell.
Ballynahinch, first and third Wednesday; John Carrothers.
Banbridge, second Thursday; John M'Cormick.
Bangor, first and third Saturday; John C. M'Gowan.
Castlewellan, second Tuesday; George W. Hillyard.
Donaghadee, second Thursday; John C. M'Gowan.
Downpatrick, second Thursday; James B. M'Connell.
Dromara, first Thursday; John Carrothers.
Dromore, third Thursday; John Carrothers.
Florida, Killinchy, fourth Monday; Robert Martin.
Gilford, first Tuesday; John M'Cormick.
Hillsborough, second Saturday; Arthur Stanfield.
Holywood, second and last Saturday; John C. M'Gowan.
Kilkeel, first Tuesday; Robert Boyd.
Killyleagh, second Friday; James B. M'Connell.
Kircubbin, second Monday; Samuel Boyd.
Moira, first Monday; Arthur Stanfield.
Newry, Friday; Isaac Parsons.
Newtownards, first and third Saturday; J. C. M'Gowan.
Newtownbreda, first and third Saturday; Gawn Yeates.
Portaferry, third Monday; Samuel Boyd.
Rathfriland, third Friday; John Fegan.
Saintfield, third Tuesday; A. Wilson.
Seaford, third Tuesday; George W. Hillyard.
Waringstown, first Friday; John New.
Warrenpoint, second Tuesday; Isaac Parsons.

The Board of Superintendence meets on last Saturday in every month.
Local Inspector, James Stevenson, esq.
Governor, George F. Echlin, esq.
Protestant Chaplain, Very Rev. Thomas Woodward, Dean of Down.
Presbyterian Chaplain, Rev. William White.
R. C. Chaplain, Rev. B. M'Auley.
Physician, John K. Maconchy, esq., F.R.C.S.I.
Apothecary, S. Parkinson.
Deputy-Governor, John Waterworth.

Newry, John Matthews. Newtownards, Alex. M. Matthews.

Treasurer, John Hastings, esq., J.P., Downpatrick.
Surgeon, John K. Maconchy, esq., F.R.S.C.I.
Apothecary and Registrar, Samuel K. Parkinson.

Poor Law Unions.

(Cos. Down and Armagh), 23 Electoral Divisions.
The Board of Guardians meets on Mondays.
Chairman, John Temple Reilly, esq., Scarva House, Scarva.
Vice-Chairman, Wm. M'Clelland, esq., Clanmurray, Dromore.
Dep. Vice-Chairman, David Hale, Drumnavaddy, Banbridge
Treasurer, Ulster Bank, Banbridge.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Joseph Dickson.
Master and Matron, Thomas Sheridan and Anne Sheridan.
Established Church, Rev. William Metge.
Roman Catholic, Rev. John O'Brien.
Presbyterian, Rev. Robert Anderson.
Medical Officer, Richard Malcomson, surgeon.
Relieving Officers, John Bambrick, Banbridge; Fergus Osborne, Ashfield, Dromore.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Ballyward, E. J. Harman.
Banbridge, George Tyrrell, M.D.
Crossgar, Samuel Davison, M.D.
Dromore, Marshall Weir.
Loughbrickland, John M'Kain.
Tandragee, Robert M'Gowan, M.D.

(Co. Down), 24 Electoral Divisions.
The Board of Guardians meets on Saturdays.
Chairman, John W. Maxwell, esq., D.L., Finnebrogue, Downpatrick.
Vice-Chairman, Robert Heron, esq., Ardigon, Killyleagh.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, Joseph Martin, esq., Tubbermoney, Downpatrick.
Treasurer, Ulster Banking Company, Downpatrick.
Clerk and Returning Officer, William G. Olpherts.
Master and Matron, Robert Gill and Isabella Brown.
Established Church, Very Rev. Thos. Woodward
Roman Catholic, Rev. Bernard M'Auley.
Presbyterian, Rev. Wm. White.
Medical Officer, William Newport White.
Relieving Officers, George Paterson, Downpatrick; Michael Savage, Crossgare.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Ballynahinch, James Dickson.
Clough, Robert Cromie.
Downpatrick, William N. White, M.R.C.S.E.
Killough, William Harrison.
Killyleagh, Robert Goudy Sheils.
Portaferry, Alexander Bell Filson, L.R.C.S.ED.
Strangford, William W. Thetford, M.R.C.S.E.

(Co. Down), 10 Electoral Divisions.
The Board of Guardians meets on Mondays.
Chairman, Earl of Roden, Tollymore Park, Castlewellan.
Vice-Chairman, Thos. G. Henry, esq., The Abbey, Kilkeel.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, John S. Moore, esq., Shannon Grove, Lisnacree, Newry.
Treasurer, Belfast Bank, Newry.
Clerk and Returning Officer, John Boyd.
Master and Matron, Thomas Graham and Margt. Martin.
Established Church, Rev. Edwd. O. B. Pratt.
Roman Catholic, Rev. George Maguire.
Presbyterian, Rev. George Nesbitt.
Medical Officer, John Reid.
Relieving Officer, James Mackintosh, Kilkeel.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Bryansford, Samuel Clarendon.
Kilkeel, Charles James Anderson.
Rostrevor, William K. Nesbitt, A.B., M.B., and John Henry Clarke.

(Cos. Down and Armagh), 22 Electoral Divisions.
The Board of Guardians meets on Saturdays.
Chairman, Colonel Maxwell Close, Drumbanagher Castle, Poyntzpass.
Vice-Chairman, Roger Hall, esq., D.L., Narrow Water Castle, Warrenpoint.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, J. Fitzherbert Ruxton, esq., J.P., Hilltown, Rathfriland.
Treasurer, Belfast Banking Company, Newry.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Joseph Bell.
Master and Matron, Thompson Cooke and Anne Jane M'Cormick.
Established Church, Rev. James Hewetson.
Roman Catholic, Rev. Michael Murphy.
Presbyterian, Rev. John Patterson.
Medical Officer, William Alexander Davis, M.D.
Relieving Officers, James Harvey, Newry; Manus Hughes, Camlough; William Morrow, Rathfriland.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Donaghmore, William Saunderson, A.B., M.B.
Forkhill, John M'Bride, M.D.
Meigh, Thomas Mulligan, M.D.
Mountnorris, Thomas Pratt, M.R.C.S.E.
Mullaglass, Henry G. Gray, M.R.C.S.E.
Newry, Thomas H. Black and Robert Johnston, M.D.
Poyntzpass, Thomas Edward Shannon, M.D.
Rathfriland, Samuel Swan, M.D.
Warrenpoint, Joseph Robinson, M.D.

(Co. Down), 16 Electoral Divisions.
The Board of Guardians meets on Tuesdays.
Chairman, Most Hon. the Marquess of Londonderry, K.P., P.C., Mount Stewart. Newtownards.
Vice-Chairman, Robert S. Nicholson, esq., Balloo House, Bangor.
Dep. Vice-Chairman, John Boyd, esq., Ballyree, Bangor.
Treasurer, Belfast Bank, Branch of, Newtownards.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Robert Brown.
Master and Matron, James Barry and Catherine Matilda Lowry.
Established Church, Rev. Joseph M'Cormick.
Roman Catholic, Rev. William Close.
Presbyterian, Rev. Julius M'Cullough.
Medical Officer, William Woods.
Relieving Officers, David M'Kee, Newtownards; John Boyd, Granshaw, Bangor.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Bangor, Philip Russell, M.B.
Comber, James Frame.
Donaghadee, Samuel Stuart.
Greyabbey, Samuel W. Shaw, M.R.C.S.E.
Kilmood, John Ringland.
Newtownards, David Jamison.


* Have served the office of High Sheriff of the County

ÔÇá Are members of the Board of Superintendence of the County Prison

ÔÇí Are Governors of the District Lunatic Asylum for the County

See also Office Bearers, Down County Directory, 1886
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