Blevins of Canary Townland, Clonfeacle parish, Armagh

For anybody that is searching for family links in the Co. Armagh. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Blevins of Canary Townland, Clonfeacle parish, Armagh

Post by yankeepiper64 » 04 Aug 2010, 07:27

Hello, my Blevins family are from Canary Townland in Clonfeacle parish. John (listed on the Flax growers of 1796 and Ann had sons William (b 1790) and John (maybe James). There may have also been another son, David. They were Church of Ireland, farmers and on the freeholders list. William married Mary Ann McElroy, dau of John McElroy and Mary. They emigrated with their family to Boston, MA in the early 1850s. William's brother John stayed behind and took over the farm. He was married to Mary McCarrigher and had John J. and James. John J emigrated to Boston after his cousins and married there. James married Elizabeth Morgan Blackwatertown in 1865, and emigrated with their family to Boston too. Their parents stayed in Clonfeacle parish. Mary McCarrigher Blevins died and John married Elizabeth. One of my cousins discovered the following about John Blevins:

John died on 28 July 1874 (according to the grant of probate at PRONI). A death certificate is recorded in Ireland, showing him as aged 70 (Armagh Dist., vol. 11 p 44; original not examined.) As John Blevins "of Kineary in the Co. of Armagh Farmer" he made a will on 1 July 1874 (PRONI ID 39123). Regarding his first family, John says "I will and bequeath to my son John Josep Blevins [sic] now in America the sum of too shillings six penceÔǪ And I will & bequeath to my son James Blevins now in America the sum of too shillings and six penceÔǪ". "To my wife Elisabeth Blevins I leave and bequeath my house and Lands and crop and all chattels that I do possess to be kept by her for my son Thomas William Blevins until he comes of age." Thomas was to pay ten pounds sterling each to JohnÔÇÖs daughters Ann Jain Blevins and Elizabeth Blevins, and if Thomas did not survive until he came into his inheritance, "This mony is to be paid by the one that remains longest in the place with her mother." The will appoints John Cardwell of Moy, Co. Tyrone, and David A. Smith of Garvagh, Co. Tyrone, executors, and was witnessed by John McMenemy and William McMullan. The will was not probated until 7 Dec. 1889 - most likely around the time that Thomas William Blevins came of age. He left property valued at ┬ú185 12s. 4d. The grant of probate says "The Will of John Blevins late of Canary County Armagh Farmer who died 28 July 1874 at same place was proved at Armagh by John Cardwell of Moy County Tyrone Carpenter one of the Executors." The children of John would have lived into the 20th century I am sure.

Does anyone know of Ann Jane, Elizabeth and Thomas William Blevins? Are any Blevins' still living in Canary Townland, Clonfeacle parish? You might well be family and if so I would enjoy hearing from you! I am descended from brother William (b. 1790) he was a carpenter died 28 Feb 1864 in Cambridge MA.

My great x 3 grandfather, John Blevins (1832- Dec 1871 Cambridge MA) was married to Mary Halpin, dau of Thomas Bartlett Halpin and Margaret Sellery. In Boston, John out out an ad in the Boston newspapers searching for his cousin, James McElroy who was on his way to Fitchburg, MA. This was late 1851. Obviously, James McElory was from his mother's family.

I have a lot here, so if anybody has some info or advice I would be most grateful. Thanks very much!

Richard Robertson

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