Trade Unions

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Trade Unions

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Mark Crail's Trade Union Ancestors website aims to help family historians in identifying the correct union, to discover the role their ancestor played in it, and to find out more about trade union history. The site is a one-person, spare-time operation, and all suggestions, corrections and additions are welcome.

Irish United Enginemen, Cranemen, Motormen and Firemen (Belfast)

Trade Unions and Railways
Single or Return - the official history of the Transport Salaried Staffs' Association refers to the history of the Railway Clerks Association in Ireland where a branch was formed in Belfast in 1904, one in Londondonderry was opened in 1906 with the assistance of W. P. O'Doherty who joined around the Belfast branch was formed and another formed in Dublin in 1908. The Association's name had been changed in 1905 to the Railway Clerks' Association of Great Britain and Ireland. ... pter05.htm Records for people who worked on the railways in Northern Ireland are held at PRONI which is located in Balmoral Avenue. Joseph Lecky's book titled Records of the Irish Transport Genealogical Museum may help you but if you get stuck in searching for guys who worked for the railways try the Railway Ancestors Family History Society.

Trade Unions and Textile Trade
Irish Garment Makers Trade Union
Irish Garment Workers Industrial Union
Irish Hand Loom Damask Weavers Trade Union (Lisburn)
Irish Linen Lappers and Warehouse Workers Trade Union
Irish Linen Lappers Trade Union
Irish Textile Overlookers Trade Union

Trade Unions and Transport
Irish Carters Trade Union (Belfast)
Irish Transport and General Workers Union
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