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Exports from Ireland

Posted: 05 Jan 2009, 06:36
by Christopher
A large number of people researching their Irish ancestors may discover that they were involved, one way or another, in exporting and importing. Were they agents, factory owners or merchants? Perhaps they were employed by such people or were dock workers or seamen. A surprising fact about exports from Ireland is that during the Great Famine the average monthly export of food from Ireland was worth around £100,000.

A little bit of knowledge of the products which were exported (or imported), where they were produced, and the ports from which they were shipped may assist in painting a picture about your ancestors and the nature of their employment.

Butter and dairy products were amongst a lengthy list of items exported from Ireland which helped to bring money into the country. Many towns throughout Ireland had market areas which were exclusively for the sale of butter, cattle or pigs as well as having a market area for mixed produce. ... 94&nID=135