Linen factories?

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Linen factories?

Post by laullyp. » 22 Apr 2006, 19:08

Hi can anyone help me to find out where any records of people working in the Linen factories may be kept? I see there is a list of flax growers & I have looked at several sites containing information about Linen factories but i am interested in finding out where the big factories were. I have several ancestors who worked as scutchers & cloth makers mainly in Tyrone ?I think & would love to find out if there are any old pictures in archives anywhere? my great grandmother was a Ferguson & I know there is a famous Linen co. called Ferguson's it would be great to think she may have some kind of connection?


Linen factories?

Post by Christopher » 22 May 2006, 04:32

Hiya laullyp,

Linen factories in the north of Ireland in 1852 included
Ardoyne Royal Damask Manufactory (Prop. Michael Andrews)
Barbour Threads at Hilden was started by William Barbour in the early 1800s
His father, John Barbour had come from Paisley in Scotland and started
a thread business in Lisburn in 1784.
Carson, James & Co. Church Street, Banbridge
Coulson, William & Sons, damask manufacturers, Lisburn
Crumlin Road Mill (William Ewart and Son)
Douglas, G. D. Main Street, Lurgan
Douglas, John, Main Street, Lurgan
Ferguson, Thomas. Bridge Street, Banbridge
(Thomas Ferguson started a larger factory in the 1880s)
Gilbert, John, Main Street, Lurgan
Hayes, Frederick. Seapatrick, Banbridge
Hazleton, Dawson, Bogbawn near Dungannon
Hunter, A. Lurgan
Lavery, Thomas, Ballyblough, near Lurgan
Lockhart, George, Lurgan
Lockhart, J & H. Main Street, Lurgan
McAvoy, John Bealemount near Dungannon
McCaw Allan, Lurgan was founded in 1820 by Johnston McCaw.
Johnston's grandson formed a partnership with Harry Allan in 1904
McClelland, Thomas. Mullaghmore near Dungannon
McCluskey, John. Coalisland
McDonald, John. Conannon near Dungannon
McNiece, John. Cavenett near Dungannon
Moygashel - Linen making commenced here when Huguenots, ancestors of the Webb family,
settled here towards the end of the 1700s and founded the Irish Linen Weaving Co.
Old Bleach Linen Co was established in Randalstown in 1864 by Charles James Webb.
Richardson & Co., linen manufacturers and bleachers, Lambeg
Richardson, Sons and Owden, Millbrook and Glenmore
The Ulster Weaving Co. was started by John Sloan Larmor about 1850.
Watson, Robert and Sons, Lurgan
Watson, Armstrong & Co. Main Street, Lurgan
Wilson, Joseph & Co. Lirgan
Wells, Matthew, Lurgan
York Street Flax Spinning Co (belonging to the Mulholland family) started in 1830 having been a cotton mill
from 1815. Following a fire in 1828 the family decided to rebuild their factory and commence spinning linen.
There were 32 linen factories in Belfast by 1861. Some were on the Crumlin Road. The majority were on the
Falls and Shankill roads. Many of the small houses near the factories were built by the factory owners.
By the late 1800s the Bedford Street area of the city housed mills as well as warehouses and offices for
manufacturers who had their mills out in the country. This site of Copeland Linens of Belfast gives an excellent
account of the history of the linen industry in Belfast

The Public Record Office in Balmoral Avenue hold documents and papers relating to the larger linen businesses.
The Linen Museum in Lisburn have a collection of photographs covering all aspects of linen production, since the
1880s, particularly in relation to the businesses which were located in the Lisburn area and the Ulster Folk and
Transport Museum at Cultra hold the Living Linen Oral Archive and the Living Linen Collection.


Linen factories?

Post by Christopher » 09 Aug 2007, 12:55

There's an enjoyable Google video about the John Shaw Brown mill at Edenderry Village and the people who worked in the mill. It's called Edenderry Village Past and Present ... 1482733038 The completion of the building of the villages of Edenderry and the neighbouring village of Purdysburn took place about 1911.

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Linen Workers Ulster

Post by CRAIG A. STRACHAN » 23 Jun 2008, 11:24

My ancestors lived in Ballymena, they were Linen workers mainly, I do not see any factories listed for Ballymena?
Craig Strachan


Re: Linen factories?

Post by Christopher » 09 Dec 2008, 03:34

Harryville Primary School, Ballymena, helped create a spectacular monument to the Braidwater Spinning Mill in the King George V Park. ...

Samuel Lamont & Sons, Ltd. ( Lamont, Belfast; Phoenix Weaving Co., Ltd., Ballymena;
G H Bellis & Co., Ltd., Ballymena; Riverside Print, Antrim; Braid River, factory, Ballymena)

Moygashel Ltd., Dungannon (Moygashel; Smyth's Weaving Co. Brookfield, Banbridge;
Braidwater Mill, Ballymena; Lisburn Factory Ltd., Lisburn; Stevenson & Son, Ltd., Dungannon)


Re: Linen factories?

Post by Christopher » 10 Feb 2009, 00:47

The article relating to Linen Houses of the Bann on the Banbridge District online website mentions properties owned by the Christy, Cowdy, Crozier, Dickson, Ferguson, Green, Hayes, Richardson, Sinton, Smyth, Uprichard, Watson and Weir families. ... 386&area=1

There should be a reasonable amount of Information relating to these families, or related families, their bleachgreens, factories and mills at the Public Records Office, Balmoral Avenue, Belfast.

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