Coulter/Coalter in Fivemile town

For anybody that is searching for family links in the N. Ireland area outside Co. Antrim. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Coulter/Coalter in Fivemile town

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I am searching for any records or information about my great great grand father James Coulter and his son Edward Coulter from the Fivemiletown area, I dont know if they were from fivemiletown itself or the surrounding area and I have very little information to go on.

James we born 1840 and Edward was born 1883. They moved to England some time after Edward was born, I dont know if it was just the two of them and I dont have the name of the wife of James.

All the information I have is above and the fact that my uncle and father told me that grandfather Edward would tell stories of them taking turns on watch sitting on the porch with rifles, they were orangemen.

Edward Married in England on 6 Aug 1913 to Sophia Grief and later died 28/06/1946 in Middlesbrough, Cleveland, England.

Any information from before the move to the UK would be helpful and fantastic.

Thank you

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