Grant and Mcgrann/Mcgrane surnames

For anybody that is searching for family links in the N. Ireland area outside Co. Antrim. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Grant and Mcgrann/Mcgrane surnames

Post by jsch »

I am looking for anything on my wife's grandparents. I know that they were both born in Ireland.
Their names( as far as I know) are James Henry Grant and Elizabeth Mcgrann.

James Henry Grant was born on June 7, 1898 probably in Armaugh county but could be in Antrim county.
Elizabeth Mcgrann (could be Mcgrane) was born on Feb 14 1900, probably in Armaugh county.
They were married around 1920 in again probably in Armaugh county.
They had 2 children while they were in Ireland:
Annie Theresa Grant born April 3, 1923, in probably Lurgan.
Patrick Joseph Grant born April 18, 1925, again probably in Lurgan.
Sometime in the next two years, from 1926 -1928 they took their family and moved to Canada where they had more children and lived the rest of their lives.

If anyone has any information on these people or any help as to how I can find some ancestry on these people I would greatly appreciate it.
Even if you have any idea of where I can start looking, I can use the help.
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Re: Grant and Mcgrann/Mcgrane surnames

Post by Elwyn »

This looks like your James Henry Grant in the 1901 and 1911 censuses, living at Tamnyvale, Aghagallon, Co Antrim: ... e/1002621/ ... ne/203091/

The 1911 census tells you his parents married c 1897/1898. And that all their 4 children are still alive. You also get some clues as to some aunts and uncles because of the niece and nephew staying there at that time.

You could order copies of James Henry GrantÔÇÖs birth certificate from the GRO Roscommon. Print off the order form and fax or post it to them. If you give them sufficient info, it should only cost Ôé¼4. Ask for a research copy (in effect a photocopy) as this is cheaper than a full formal cert. ThatÔÇÖll give you the motherÔÇÖs maiden name. Then you can search for their marriage. Try the LDS pilot site. ... ctions&r=1

I can see a marriage for James Henry Grant and Elizabeth J McGrann in Lurgan, Co Armagh in the Jan ÔÇô Mar 1919 quarter.

You can get that and JamesÔÇÖ parents marriage cert from the same GRO address. YouÔÇÖll need to locate James parents marriage first.

For the 2 children born in 1923 and 1925 you would need to order copies of the certs from either Lurgan Registry office or from the main GRO in Belfast. You canÔÇÖt search for these on line. Northern Ireland BDMs from 1922 onwards are not on line.

The place where James was born is in Co. Antrim but it is not far from Co. Armagh. That is why you have events in both counties.

I couldnÔÇÖt spot Elizabeth McGrane/McGrane on the census on the info given at the moment. There are some possibles but we really need her parents names to track her for certain. So, IÔÇÖd order a research copy of that birth too.

The 1901 & 1911 Irish censuses are on line and free:

Unfortunately all those from 1821 ÔÇô 1891 have been destroyed which is a stumbling block when searching back further.

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