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Halpins 1820s-1850s

Posted: 24 Jun 2011, 22:51
by yankeepiper64
Hello, I have written about my search for Halpins and Sellary family members elsewhere. My great great grandma was Mary Halpin born in August 1831 ,she married John Blevins of Canary Townland, Clonfeacle parish, Armagh in Boston, Massachusetts 1854. She had a sister, Jane Halpin, who was born in June 1826. She also came to Boston, Massachusetts and married John Wilson, who was also from Northern Ireland living in Boston. Tragically all 4 of her children and her husband were dead by 1880, so Jane lived on her own at her home 9 Elmer Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts until her death in 1915. Both women had as parents, Bartlett Halpin and Margaret Sellery. I have been searching for this family, and finally I can say they were from Dublin.

I found Jane Halpin Wilson in the 1910 US Census and she had living with her a niece and grand niece and nephews from England. I traced this family back to Shireoaks, Nottinghamshire and Abram, Lancashire in the 1861 and 1851 England census. It was in 1851 that I found Catherine Alpin, age 19, servant for the Draper family. She married a son, Thomas, on 2 November 1851. They were in 1861 Shireoaks, Nottinghamshire and John Alpin, age 25 and married but no spouse listed. He was a coal miner. Catherine Alpin and Thomas Draper's marriage certificate named Bartle Alpin, laborer, as her father. Hence, Jane, my 3rd great grandma Mary, John and Catherine were all siblings. John I can't prove for certain as I haven't found documentation yet. I feel he was a brother since he was with Catherine Alpin Draper in 1861. Alpin or Albin are undoubtedly Halpin, and Bartle must be "Bartlett" who is named in the Massachusetts marriage records for Mary and Jane Halpin.

Catherine's listing in 1851 said she was from Dublin, Ireland ( a British Subject). John was also from Dublin, according to the 1861 English census. So off to Dublin....I checked the 1851 Dublin City census and found no Bartle Halpin, but I did find him listed at Richmond, North Dublin 1848-49 on William Smith O'Brien's petition, as well as Matthew Halpin. This Matthew was undoubtedly the same Matthew listed as a landowner in 1872-1873 Richmond Fairview. It would explain why the name wasn't in the city census and still account for the family saying they were from Dublin in Lancashire 1851 and Nottinghamshire in 1861.

So, this Bartlett, or Bartle, Halpin had four children at least:
Jane, b, June 1826
Catherine, b. 1827 (she died 30 March 1869, age 42 accidental drowning in Shireoaks)
Mary, my ancestress, born 1831
John (tentative, but pretty certain he's a sibling) born 1836.

I think that the family may have come from Meath and settled in Dublin. There was a Bartle Halpin born 23 April 1806 to Thomas Halpin and Anne King in Navan parish. Thomas was born 7 Dec 1785 to James Halpin and Frances Weldon Rathkenny, Meath. There was a Margaret Sellary also born in Navan parish 22 July 1806 to John Sellary and Mary Dowdall. John and Mary were from Nobber, Meath. Thomas' family lived on Grange Road, Rathkenny when he was born. I am wondering if these could be my family and they removed to Fairview , Dublin . I can't prove any of this. Also, this family were Roman Catholic and my great great great grandma and her sister married Anglicans (Episcopalians).

Did Catholics and Church of Ireland families intermarry in the 19th century? Might anyone have some knowledge about these families?
Thanks very much for your help.
Richard Robertson

PS I will also post this on Meath County's section.