Searching for Ancestor MORAN, Dominick

For anybody that is searching for family links in the Republic of Ireland.

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Searching for Ancestor MORAN, Dominick

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I'm really needing some help. I've traced my MORAN family back to 1840 when they purchased land in Lake County, IL (not the Newport area Moran family on the north side of Lake County).

A letter of sorts, written by John Hulsey in 1901, Lake County, IL, states that Dominick, his wife, Honora, and daughter, Mary C., arrived here in the U.S. when Mary C. was 4 years old. That would make their arrival approximately 1839... too early for Griffiths info.

A search for MORANs in Ireland tells me that they probably immigrated from County Mayo. Failed attempts to get information follow:

A letter requesting info from Research Center in County Mayo... no records
Death Certificates for Dominick & Honora... none exist
Search of ships & passenger lists within a 5 year time frame... nothing
Naturalization papers... probably destroyed by fire
Funeral Home Records found, but little information
Posts to nothing
Joined several Ancestry lists about 3 yrs ago... nothing
Wrote last week the church I thought they belong to... still waiting for a reply, which right now seems to be my only hope.
Searched LOTS of on line sites with lists, but find nothing

Any more suggestions from anyone besides hiring a professional to find them?


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