Ballycarry Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard

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Ballycarry Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard

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Ballycarry Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Graveyard
O.S. 47 Grid Ref. J447938
Fronting on to Main Street, Ballycarry this church stands in the townland of South West Ballycarry and the civil parish of Templecorran. In 1683 the Rev. Richard Dobbs in his account of the county mentioned that Ballycarry had "a meeting house between the Church and the Town". The present building most probably stands on the site of the original.
In 1828 the Arian controversy which had been raging within the Irish Presbyterian Churches for years, came to a head. The minister here, Rev. William Glendy, refused to subscribe to the newly introduced confession of faith and as a result the congregation split in two. Those who followed the mainstream of Presbyterianism established another church at Hillhead while the others continued to worship here as the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church, which was for long described as "Unitarian".
In 1891 the building was re-erected on the same ground plan which is "T" shaped.
There is only one gravestone and it is in the yard behind the church.

Here lie the remains of Eliza, wife of the Revd. W. Glendy, who died 03 Apr 1845 aged 44 years. Also the remains of the Rev. Wm. Glendy, who died on 24 Jul 1853 in the 71st year of his age and the 41st of his ministry.
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