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by Brian S. Turner

Both ARDCLINIS & KILMORE are small graveyards which occupy medieval sites and in modern times have been used exclusively for Roman Catholic burials. Both have become disused in this century and now lie overgrown and neglected. Many of the surviving gravestones are fallen, broken, or badly worn. All visible stones, including those fallen on their faces, have been copied completely, with the single exception of a large horizontal slab in Ardclinis upon which the lettering is illegible. Unless otherwise noted
all placenames are those of townlands which can be found on current
Ordnance Survey maps of the civil parishes of Layd and Ardclinis.
Thanks are due to Mr. Fred Heatley of Belfast who was my partner with
both pen and crowbar in making the initial transcription in the Spring
of 1975.

KILMORE GRAVEYARD County Antrim O.5. Sheet 20. Grid Ref. 224234.

This graveyard is in the townland -of Kilmore on the west side of
Glenariff, on a height immediately to the left of the main road as it
runs down the glen to Waterfoot. This road actually cut through the
original area of the graveyard which formerly occupied part of the
adjoining field as well as an area on the opposite side of the road.'
There are now no traces of a church. However, both the Ordnance Survey
Memoir of 1831 - 1832 and Canon 0 Laverty in the 1880's mention "St
Patrick's Pot", a stone with a round hole six inches wide and nine deep,
and a flat stone upon which St. Patrick is said to have celebrated Mass.
These are not now visible but the large horizontal slab raised on
smaller stones which is known as the Friar's Grave still remains and can
be seen in the field behind the graveyard. Burials ceased here before
the Second World War and the remaining stones represent only a small
portion of the graves even within the present reduced area.

CAMPBELL [In a low railed enclosure, now broken, with McCann and Martin
stones]. A burying place for Alexr. Campbell of Toberwine and family.
Here lieth the body of his wife Anna Harvey who departed this life May
26th 1824 aged 60 years.


DELARGY Here lieth the body of Bernard Delargy who departed this life
March 23rd 1825 aged 56 years.

DELARGY [Fallen]. A burying place for Daniel Delargy of Glass Mullan and
family. Here lieth the body of his wife Mary McShanog who departed this
life March 3rd 1810 aged 56 years. Also his son Neal who departed this
life October 15th 1821 aged 24 years.

DELARGY [Leaning forward badly]. I.H.S. Erected by Jane Shannan to the
Memory of her mother Mary Delargy of Kilmore aged 69 years.

HARVEY [Fallen and broken in two]. A burying place for Ned Harvey of
Kilmore and family. Here lieth the body of his son Patrick who departed
this life 22nd August 1827 aged 19 years.

HARVEY See Campbell.

McAULAY Here lieth the body of Ann McAuley daughter to Matthew of
Parkmore who died 8th November 1808 aged 26.

McAULEY [Broken off at base]. Erected by Henry McAuley of Berekeley.
Here lieth the remains of his daughter Ann McAuley who died February
26th 1830 aged 17 years.

McCANN [In Campbell enclosure].
Erected by Terence McCann in memory of his beloved wife
Elizabeth McCann who departed this life 26th May 1886 aged 39 years. Also the above named
Terence McCann who departed this life 13th August 1906. Requiescant in Pace.

McCARY [Leaning forward]. I.H.S.
Erected to the memory of
Murtagh McCary of Kilmores who departed this rife on the 4th April 1836 aged 56 years.
Also his son
Michael who departed this life on the 11th June 1831 aged 32 years. R.I.P.

"Erected by Maggie McCormick, Glasmullan,
in loving memory of her dear father
Felix McCormick who died 28th November 1882.
Also her brother
Michael McCormick who died 2nd May ,1893..
Also her beloved mother
Catherine McCormick who' died 22nd August 1913 aged 95 years.

Erected to the memory of
Arthur McGavock of Parkmore who departed this life on 21st of February 1808 aged 40 years.
Also his wife
Catherine McGavock (alias 0 Drain) who died on the 20th of November 1820 aged 50 years. Requiescant in pace.

McGILL [The curved top of this stone forms the upper part of a circle
within which is an incised carving of a Crucifixion scene. Around the
bottom" edge of the circle are the words "Gloria in. Excelsis Deo"].
Here lieth the body of Ales McGill who departed this life 23rd of June
1830 aged 64 years.

McKENDRY (Fallen and broken in two]. Here lieth the body of James
McKendry late of Cregnagatt who departed this life the 28th March 1803
aged 61.

McKENZEE [Fallen] I.H.S. Erected by William McKenzee of Gartaclee in
memory of his daughter Mary McKenzee who departed this life on 31st day
of January 1845 aged 23 years.

McKERRY Here lieth the body of James McKerry late of Legdrenaugh who
departed this life the 19th January 1818 aged 22 years.

McSHANOG See Delargy.

McWILLIAM Here lieth the body of John McWilliam who died the 10th of
August 1795 aged 8 years.

MARTIN [In Campbell enclosure]. Erected by Wm. Martin ex Head Constable
in memory of his beloved wife Mary Campbell who departed this life 21st
June 1805 aged 31, and his son who died in infancy 30th December 1863.
Also the above named Wm. Martin, who died 7th January 1873 aged 70
years. Requiescant in Pace.

MONEY [Fallen on face]. Erected by Patrick Money' of Glasmullan. Here
lieth the body of Nancey Money who departed this life the 29th May 1819
aged 18 years.

0 DRAIN See McGavock.

O MONEY Here lieth the remains of James 0 Money of the Bay who departed this life the 28th November 1819 aged 59 years.

O MURRY A burying place of John 0 Murry of Beaunaugh 1819.

3. This name no longer occurs in the Glens although it is to be found
uncommonly in other parts of north {and mid antrim. The local
pronunciation was MacAshannoch. it is an vaster name Mac an tSionnaigh'
son of the fox, now usually chance to Shannon or Fox. There was also a
family of the name in south Kintyre where the MacOshenogs of Lepinstrath
were harpers to Clan Donald. They seem to have changed the name to
Shannon and McShannon.
4. The Ordnance Survey spelling is Baraghilly.
5 Kilmore school was built in the mid 1800's on Murtagh McCarry's land
P.R.O.N.I. ED/1I, Grant aid application, Kilmore.
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