grand parents wed in magherafelt

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grand parents wed in magherafelt

Post by clemo »

i have some info on my grandad but very little on my gran please read below and help if you can
i am looking for any living relatives and my families roots through out ireland i know that my grandfather thomas james clements and grandmother mary clements(lee) lived their final days in kilcullen

Hi i am researching my ancestors from ireland this is dedicated to the clements side of my family i have a little information and i am hoping that any body reading this may be able to help and exchange any information that they have with me i'll start with my granddads name and work backwards i hope that you can understand the way that i have written it.

Thomas james Clements d.o.b 04/january/1901 new york passed away 1991 kilcullen county kildare spouse Mary lee d.o.b approx 1900 ireland passed away january 1969 kilcullen kildare married in 1921 in magherafelt.

Mary's parents unknown Thomas's parents as follows :- Father Thomas James Clements- Mother Elizabeth Jane Clark both born in ireland approx 1871 both emigrated to U.S.A approx 1890's and wed in 1897 and there was apparently 1 older sibling they returned to ireland early 1900's.

Thomas's grandparents on fathers side:- William James Clements -Eliza Aiken maternal grandparents :-John Clark-Eliza Lennox all born in ireland as far as i know.

At the time of my grandads marriage he lived in ballyronan and my gran in bellagherty .

My gran had 1 sister by the name of rachel who passed away in 1968 aged 76 still a spinster and there were also 2 brothers pat and jack lee pat was definitely married possible wifes name of beattie though dates and where abouts unknown at this time any help or exchange of information on my ancestors would be most appreciated

i have some information that i can share on my grandad but very little on my grandmother please help if you can and check my website at and where there is some information and pictures on my family any help will be greatly appreciated as i am now hitting many brick walls and need any help that i can get
below is some more information which shows that my family may have returned to ireland between 1910 and 1920
Found Thomas J. in 1900 Census

District 452, Manhattan, New York Co., New York
126 West 63rd Street
Thomas J. Clements, b. Dec. 1871, 28 yrs., married 7 years, b. Ireland, Parents b. Ireland, 1892 to US, In US 8 years, papers filed for citizenship, occ. Janitor-Rents

Elizabeth J., b. May 1871, 29 yrs., married 7 years, one child/one child living, b. Ireland, Parents b. Ireland, to US 1890, in US 10 yrs.,

Margaretta, daughter, b. April 1898, New York, Parents. b. Ireland, 2 yr

For 1910 census this is what I found: Judy
Dist 1362, Manhattan, NY Co., NY (over 12 family apartment)
544 West 50th Street, Line 45

Elizabeth J., Head, 39 yrs., first marriage, married 13 years, four children/two living, b. Ireland, Parents b. Ireland, 1889 to U.S., Rents

Elizabeth J. daughter (looks like 6 years, very hard to read), 6 yrs. (??), b. New York
(Census taker may have just repeated mother's name instead of using Margaretta, they are apt to make a lot of mistakes)

Thomas J., son, 9 yrs., b. New York
(unable to locate lin 1920 census)

The names below came from the Italian genealogy site (they include all people in their databases, not just those of Italian heritage). These are the names I found between 1900 and 1910 that "might" be the two deceased children of Eliz. J. & Thomas Clements, if you think the above 1910 census records is your Eliz. Not sure what happened to Margaretta can't find her either
here is some more info found on their marriage cert
Register of Marriages

RegistrarÔÇÖs District: Magherafelt
County: Londonderry
Register: 10
Page: 75
Number: 149

Marriage solemnized in the Roman Catholic Chapel of St. Patrick in the RegistrarÔÇÖs District of Magherafelt

When Married: 14 May 1921

Name and Surname Age Condition Rank or Profession Residence at the Time of Marriage FatherÔÇÖs Name and Surname Rank or Profession of Father
Thomas James Clements Full Bachelor Labourer Ballyronan Thomas James Clements (alive) Labourer
Mary Lee Full Spinster Servant Bellagherty Ballyronan Unknown --

Married in the Roman Catholic Chapel of St. Patrick according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Roman Catholic Church by me,
H Taggart P.P.

This Marriage was solemnized between us, Thomas J Clements and Mary Lee

in the Presence of us, Aloysius McKee and Annie Collins

GenealogistÔÇÖs Comments: The townland and village of Ballyronan, on the shore of Lough Neagh, is situated 4 miles southeast of the town of Magherafelt. The townland of Belagherty is located 1 mile to the southwest of the village of Ballyronan

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Re: grand parents wed in magherafelt

Post by shwb01 »

Regards Eliza Aiken, was her maiden name Brennan?

There are a few Eliza/Elizabeth Aikens on my family side all from island Magee.
All descended from William Aiken 1722-1794
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