stirling, sharkey, murray

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stirling, sharkey, murray

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looking for information on -:

My great grandparents

Stirling, Robert and Mary, believe they had a pub in Portrush and also a taxi service. Stirling corner, named after them? I think that Mary's maiden name was Wales, from the Mills area in Ballymoney .

My Nan was Annie Stirling, one of nine children.

Annie Stirling married Tom Sharkey, apparently Illigitimate son of Rosetta Sharkey and David? Murray.

My father and I have been raised as Sharkey's, and it was only in the last years of my grandfather, Tom Sharkey's life that we learnt that he was illig. Rosetta married Alec? Patterson, they had several children, Agnes, Jean, May, Alex ( in navy?).

I am trying to find out about the MUrray side, though I can imagine that back then, not many people would have known about it. All I know is that Murray worked in the Labour Exchange in Coleraine, or maybe Tax office.

Any information would be greatly appreciated,

There was a rumour that Murray and Patterson had a electrical business , but how true this is I don't know.


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Just seen your message and found a Robert John Stirling of Ballymoney, later Coleraine married Mary Mills and had 2 sons, 6 dau. His father was Robert of Ballymoney married to Sarah Jane Wilson (8 children) and his father was William of Kilmoyle(between Ballymoney & Coleraine) Born 1802. This information was extracted from the book "Families of Ballyrashane" by T H Mullin. This has recently been republished by Causeway Books, Bushmills, N.Ireland. Hope this will be of some help.
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