1. Girvan Family Tree/ Northern Ireland to Australia/ 1600's

For anybody that is searching for family links in the area covered by Larne area.

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1. Girvan Family Tree/ Northern Ireland to Australia/ 1600's

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1. Girvan Family Tree/ Northern Ireland to Australia/ 1600's to present - Matthew Girvan December 21, 2004, 3:21 am

This is my Girvan family tree. I hope this can help other Girvan's searching for their family history. This family started with David Girvan who came from Girvan in Scotland. The tree then covers family in Northern Ireland and finally Australia. If anyone has further information about these family members i would really appreciate it if you could post it here. Thank you from Matthew

Girvan Family Tree

1. David Girvan
David came from Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland then settled in Raloo, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland in 1606.
9X Great Grandfather
- David *

2. David Girvan, (Of Ballyriland Parish, Raloo)
David sailed on ÔÇ£Eagle WingÔÇØ 1636, destination America. Weather intervened, landed in Northern Ireland.
8X Great Grandfather
Married: Mary Moore
- John *
- David (David was left money by Lord Downshire.)

3. John Girvan
7X Great Grandfather
Married: Mary Moore (cousins)
- James *

4. James Girvan
6X Great Grandfather
Married: Annie Donald
- David *

5. David Girvan
5X Great Grandfather
Married: Mary Long (Islandmagee)
- David (Killed by falling tree) (Canada or U.S.A.)
- Robert (Married Sarah Vaughan) (Canada or U.S.A.)
- William *

6. William Girvan
4X Great Grandfather
Married: Jane McDowell (Woodburn.)
- David (b. 1834) (d. 1893) *

7. David Girvan
3X Great Grandfather
Born: 1834
Died: 21/12/1893
Married: Mary Clements (b. 1834) (d. 10/07/1913) on 18/09/1855. (Mary Clements of Ballysnod. Descended from Englishman Henry Clements. Larne 1210.)
- Jane
- Mary
- Agnes
- Priscilla
- Lizzie
- David
.....o Children:
.....o Minnie
.....o David
.....o John
.....o Hugh
.....o Lily
.....o William
- Hugh (b. 1857) (d.1926) *
- William (b. 1864) (d. 1923)
.....o Married: (i) Mary (b.1868) (d. 1903)
.....o (ii) Emily
.....o Children: w/ Mary
.....o Hugh (d. Infancy)
.....o David
.....o James (d. Infancy)
.....o Thomas

8. Hugh Girvan
Hugh was a builder from Larne, Northern Ireland. Had the building company Hugh Girvan & Sons, which his son John took over.
2X Great Grandfather
Born: 1857
Died: 1926 (Larne, Northern Ireland)
Married: Mary Morris (b. 1853) (d.1930) in 1878.
- Anne (b. 1879) (d. 1956)
.....o Married: (i) James Funston (d. 1925) in 1923.
.....o (ii) Robert Miller (d. 1941) in 1934.
- David (b. 1880) (d. 1958) *
- Elizabeth (b. 1882) (d. 1969)
.....o Married: Frederick George Davis (b. 1883) (d. 1951) in 1911.
.....o Children: (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
.....o Charles (b. 1913) m. Edna Creighton in 1939
.....o Frederick (b. 1915) m. Vera Algar in 1945
.....o William (b. 1917)
.....o Robert (b. 1920) m. Phyllis Potter
.....o Carson (b. 1922) m. Betty Dunlop
- Agnes (b. 1884) (d.1970)
.....o Married: Robert Robinson (b. 1877) (d. 1967) in 1914.
.....o Children: (Larne, Northern Ireland).
.....o William (b. 1915) m. Nan Heslop in 1943
.....o Evelyn (b. 1916) m. Reginald Fidler in 1936
.....o Margaret (b. 1922) m. James McCausland in 1947
.....o Robert (b. 1925) m. Eileen Paget in 1952
- Hugh (b. 1886) (d. 1887)
- John (b. 1888) (d. 1958)
.....o Married: Elizabeth Alexander (b. 1888) (d. 1957) in 1918.
.....o Children: (Larne, Northern Ireland)
.....o Winnifred (b. 1914) m. John Adair in 1944
.....o Irene (b. 1916) m. Ronald Turner
.....o Aubrey (b. 1917) m. Lilian Taylor in 1944
.....o Isobel (b. 1919) m. William Minford in 1941
.....o Pauline (b. 1921) (d. 1923)
.....o Joan (b. 1924) m. James McGookin in 1953
- William (b. 1890) (d. 1963)
.....o Married: Evelyn Connor (b. 1895) (d. 1955) in 1917.
.....o Children: (Dublin, Republic of Ireland)
.....o Elizabeth (b. 1918) m. James Leeson in 1946
.....o William (b. 1920) m. Muriel Ewing
.....o Margaret (b. 1923) m. Henry Menzel in 1951
.....o Esther (b. 1937)
.....o Anne (b. 1940) m. (i) Terrance Croskery, (ii) Peter Drake
- James (b. 1892) (d. 1961) He migrated to Canada from Larne and was an officer in the Canadian Army who served in France before going back to Larne and then moving to Sydney.
.....o Married: Sarah Higgins (b.1889) (d. 1974) in 1920, Sydney.
.....o Children: (Sydney, Australia)
.....o Doreen (b. 1921) m. Benjamin Harwood
.....o Hilda (b. 1923) m. Rodney Simons
.....o Jean (b. 1926)
- Evelyn (b. 1893) (d. 1946)
.....o Married: William Jenkins (b. 1895) (d. 1962) in 1920, Nth Ireland.
.....o Children: (Perth, Australia)
.....o Maureen (b. 1921) (d. 1968) m. Alwyn Johnson
.....o Evelyn (b. 1922) m. Raymond Burtt in 1949
.....o William (b. 1927) m. Pauline Jones in 1950
.....o John (b. 1930) m. Jean Rennie in 1956
- Wesley (b. 1895) (d. 1923, Larne, Northern Ireland)
.....o Married: Mabel Francis (b. 1900) (d. 1981)
.....o Children:
.....o Hugh Francis (b. 1923) m. Margaret
- Fred (b. 1899) (d. 1924)

9. David Girvan
David came to Australia in 1912 from Larne due to the ill health of his wife Lily, who needed to live in a warmer climate. Formed Girvan Bros. Builders with his brother Jim in 1919.
Great Grandfather
Born: 15/12/1880 (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Died: 04/08/1958 (Sydney, Australia)
Married: (i) Lily Macauley (b. 1877) (d. 1916) in 1904, Northern Ireland.
(ii) Florence Edwards (b. 19/07/1888, Australia) (d. 1969) in 22/06/1918, Sydney.
- Olive (b. 06/05/1919) m. John Kerle in 1942
- Hugh (b. 06/05/1919) m. (i) Helen Warren (1945), (ii) Shirley Baghurst (1959)
- Norman (b. 20/03/1921) (d. 01/06/1972) m. Joan Fullagar in 1944
- Wesley (b. 08/01/1924) m. Marjory Hood in1948
- Valerie (b. 12/09/1927) m. Peter Sutton in 1951
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