Ballymena Parish Records #13

For anybody that is willing to share the information on Marriage records obtained from offical sources as LDS, PRONI or church. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Ballymena Parish Records #13

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From: Bette Kosmolak
Subject: Ballymena Parish Records

My notes in [ ]

Ballymena Parish Records Antrim, Irln. (Kirkinriola) FIlm # 0990408

15 Jan 1834 William BELL to Mary HIRRILL [underlined]
22 Feb 1834 William FRY to Rose O'LOAN
1 Apr 1834 Henderson BALLENTINE to Margaret MOORE
26 Nov 1834 Robert BALLENTINE to Hannah McCLUNEY
15 Jan 1835 Isaac MURRAY to Ellen McILWEE
23 Jan 1835 Daniel DRAIN to Mary McNNEALE
15 May 1835 Johnn ELLIOT to Mary JOHNSON, widow, of Ballyclub
13 Jun 1835 Robert BONES to Alic McWILLIAMS
13 Jun 1835 Thomas IRWIN to Jane NEVIN
4 May 1835 James KIDD to Jane BRADLEY
29 Sept 1835 William CORRY to Fanny GREEN
2 Nov 1835 George ROY to Margaret MULHOLLAND
25 Dec 1835 Thomas COX, R.I.C. to Mary ORR
16 Aug 1836 Francis John SKELLY to Lilly DICKEY
31 Aug 1836 William CHESNEY to Jane COSNAHAN
22 Nov 1836 Joseph DYAS, R.M. of Loughguile to Mary BAYLEY ot Farm
Lodge, Ballymena
12 Jun 1837 Sergt. John MILLS to Mary Anne CHAMBERS
3 Jun 1837 John LAW [this surname was written, scratched out, then
printed] to Mary WILSON
22 Nov 1837 Clotworthy McCRUM to Jenny WATSON
25 Nov 1837 William BROWN, of Clinty, to Eleanor McINTYRE
25 Dec 1837 John JELLET to Ann COURTNEY
10 Aug 1838 Henry LAVERTY to Alice COLLINS
30 Mar 1839 William CASEMENT to Mary Anne KENNEDY
16 Apr 1839 John BALLENTINE to Jane McCLEERY
22 Jun 1839 John James HEPBURN to Rose McNALLY
11 Sept 1839 John McCARLY to Elizabeth DONAGHY
5 May 1840 Benjamin GAMBLE, of Belfast, to Helena MOORE
5 Jun 1840 Thomas SURGEONER, of Ballyclug, to Anne DAVIES, of Ballyclug
12 Nov 1840 John CAMPBELL to Margaret LOGAN
25 Dec 1839 Samuel COOPER, of Antrim, to Jane CHAMBERS
6 Feb 1841 Alexander [FRUM] [there are square brackets around the name
Frum] to Mary CONROY
19 Sep 1841 James ANGUS, widower, Schoolteacher, to Mary SMITH
28 Oct 1841 James McKEE, Draper, to Margert MONTGOMERY, of Glenarm
11 Dec 1841 Henderson DAVISON, widower, of Dunclog, to Margaret PALMER
by her father's consent.

...The End. Hope this has been of help to some. Bette
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