Thomas William Blevins

For anybody that is researching a certain FAMILY or surname that can be found any where in Ireland.

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Thomas William Blevins

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Hello everyone,
I am also looking for any family connected to Thomas William Blevins, born 1 October 1866 Kinneary (Canary) Townland, Armagh. He was son of John Blevins (1804- 28 July 1874) and Elizabeth McMullen. They were married in 1858. Thomas William had sisters, Mary b. 1865, Ann Jane, and Elizabeth. There was a will probabted 2 Dec 1889 held at PRONI . Whether Thomas William or one of his sisters had the will probabted is unknown. I assume it was Thomas William Blevins as the will stipulated that John's property go to him when he came of age. He would have been 23 in 1889. I didn't see Thomas William in the 1901 or 1911 census, so he may have removed to America where his stepbrothers lived in Boston, MA. Thanks for your help!

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